American Rubber Chicken Society of America


We're glad you're here. Stick around and learn more about the ARCSA and our mission.

Our Mission

Let's face it, inanimate surrogate farm fowl are something that most of the rest of the world loses interest in after about ten seconds. With your help we hope to raise awareness of all things related to rubber chickens all around the world. Did you know that in Kuala Lamper the government spent less on rubber chickens than they did on their military? And in certain regions of the Congo a simple rubber chicken is virtually unheard of?!

We here at the American Rubber Chicken Society of America hope to change all this by the year 2308, so that no human being must live their life without a rubber chicken in it. After all, shouldn't everyone have the same access to that which most of us take for granted?


Benefits include:

  • Being the first to find out rubber chicken-related news through the ARCSA newsletter, published twice daily and delivered to your door by a man in a windowless white van.
  • Having first choice and access to special rubber chicken reserves in the event of another rubber chicken shortage due to the pandemic, natural disaster, or general lack of interest.
  • Free online tutorials on how to train your rubber chicken.
  • A free consultation with Carlos McDugal, inventor of the world's first left-handed rubber chicken!
  • 25% admission discount to one of over two rubber chicken museums in the United States (Limit 4 visits per week).
  • Autographed 8X10 photograph of the ARCSA mascot Big Richard! (We know, we're still working on that one)
  • And much, much more!

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